Playgiarism (completed on September 18th, 2018)

Like all other branches of fine arts, music has also been largely affected by the recent technological revolution and rapidly increasing use of art-ificial intelligence for the creation and publishing of songs. We can stream and download millions of songs from probably tens or hundreds of thousands of platforms; whereas, in the near past, people used to go and buy albums and listen to them, meaning that singers, being considered to have been influenced by technological developments most adversely, were able to get what they deserved in exchange for their work and production. The significant change in the situation has brought about a question: Is this acceptable? In other words, should we be able to obtain songs in such a so called illegal manner?

It is argued that what we do is not legal at all, and this thesis may not be totally wrong, at least according to the laws. However, we also encounter and often engage in numerous arguments about the functionality of the laws as not all of them are necessarily necessary. Since this is the topic of a separate discussion, let us get back to our topic.

Despite all the difficulties celebrities claim to be faced with, many people still want and are delighted to be singers. We should also acknowledge the fact that they often release songs, and this is enough to prove that they have large amounts of money to spend. In addition, a great number of their songs have senseless lyrics, and this has led to the more valuable songs with more meaningful lyrics to lose their importance. All most of us care about is the melody, and all some singers care about is money. Another important point which is often missed out by those who propose the idea that songs should be sold, is that something sold is no longer an artistic work but rather a commodity only the buyer owns. Arts, in general, (should) aim at creating the most beautiful and unique, for everyone. Therefore, I think that some of them may not deserve all this money they earn. Even if they do, concerts seem to be perfect choices for them to get plenty of cash and waste it for more meaningless songs, by which I mean that they never have to sell the things they produce. Concerts and the TV programs they attend are much more than enough for them to earn money. If they had sold their songs, they would most likely not have become that popular, and profited that much. The current situation allows us to access almost all songs and know more celebrities, making them much more popular and increasing the attendance to their concerts greatly.

Another reason is that their talents and capabilities have also lost their importance as it is now even possible to generate completely computer-made singing software. Today, most singers are not remarkable, and they refer to a great variety of technological devices and effects to improve their voice. This unfortunately causes the actually more talented ones to be unable to show their abilities. What makes these singers celebrities is their previous wealth, and if the wealth they previously own is already enough for them to become known worldwide, it should not be necessary to wish to become wealthier.

It is claimed that, when downloading songs free-of-charge, we do not pay tribute to the effort the singers make. While this may be right to some extent, it may be difficult to prevent everyone from using illegal methods to download them. Also, it would be necessary to ask whether all radio stations are illegal due to their enabling us to listen to the songs for free. Without needing to download it from the Internet, a person can record the song whilst it is playing on the Radio, provided that he / she has an enhanced recorder. This gives the person the opportunity to get the song for free without having to either purchase or download it.

Another aspect of this issue which will be dealt with in this essay is that people, in the past, were able to purchase a copy of an album only once and then, even if they could not copy the files and distribute them to anyone who wanted for free, they could directly give them the CD. This made it sufficient for a group of people to access all the songs in an album only by having to purchase it once.

To conclude, it is claimed that we should not be able to download songs for free, but, when we take into account some points, it does not cause an ethical problem because of some reasons such as the loss of the value and meaning of lyrics, the lack of talented singers, and the technological devices they use to hide their flaws. We should also keep in mind that arts should never be turned into a tool for commercial purposes.